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Products and Materials

What products do you manufacturer?

Precision Gear Products:

Spur Gears, Helical Gears, Worm Gears, Anti-Backlash Gears, Cluster Gears, Clutch Gears, Face Gears, Planetary Gears, Gear Assemblies, Gear Boxes, Bevel Gears, Miter Gears, Metric Gears, Internal Gears, Idler Gears, Gear Rack & Pinion, Worms, Wormshafts, Splines, Splineshafts, Serrated Shafts.

Pulleys and Sprockets:

Timing Belt Pulleys, Grooved Pulleys, Film Sprockets,

Rollerchain Sprockets, Ladderchain Sprockets, Silentchain Sprockets, Gates Polychain GT, Goodyear, Synchroflex, Gilmer, Uniroyal.


Ratchets, Cams, Cranks, Universal Joints,

Couplings, Jackscrews, Geneva Mechanisms

What tolerances do you typically hold?

AGMA Q14 gears – No +- .0002 on diameter and 0.001 positional tolerance

What materials do you use?

Stainless Alloys
302 303 304 304L 316 316L 321 410 416 416BQ 420 455 440A 440C PH13-8Mo 15- 5PH 17-4PH Nitronic40 Nitronic50 Nitronic60
Super Alloys
A-286 Aermet 100 Inconel 718 Invar 36 Maraging 300 Stellite
Aircraft Alloys
300M 4130 4150 4140 4330 4330M 4340 4340M 4620 52100 8620 8740 9310 9-4-30 Nitralloy 135
Carbon Steels
1018 1117 12L14 Ledloy ‘Fatigue Proof’ ‘Stress Proof’

Manufacturing and Quality

Do you use cnc equipment in manufacturing?

Yes, we have cnc milling machining centers, turning centers, edm, grinding, and piece marking.

Are you ISO or AS certified?

Yes, ISO 9001 and AS 9100

Are you Nadcap Accredited for any Special process?

Yes, we hold Nadcap accredited for Chemical processing (passivation) and Heat Treatment

Are you Nadcap Accredited for EDM?

NO, we are currently in process with the intent to becoming Nadcap accredited

STD Performance

What is your capacity?

Current production Net Capacity – 30,000 direct labor hours per year (2,500 per month or 600 per week)

How many people do you employ?

18 direct labor, 2, indirect, 10 administrative staff

Do you offer expedited delivery services?

Yes, we will work split shifts and weekends to accommodate an expedited delivery order.

How many shifts do you operate?

One shift, but will operate a split shift to maintain delivery schedule or to accommodate an expedited delivery order.

What are your hours of operation?

Admin offices 8-5 EST and production employees on flexible schedule starting at 7am – 10 hour work day, 4 day work week.
Friday, Sat and Sundays when overtime is required to maintain Schedule.

What is your employee turnover rate?

ZERO, At STD we are progressive and promotes personal life well being for our employees.

STD Financial

What are your typical Payment and shipping Terms?

Upon credit approval, 1% 10; net 30

Do you accept Credit Cards?

NO, We do not have sufficient demand to warrant accepting credit cards at this time.

What is your current on time delivery performance rating?

2010 – 99% on time. (2009 – 96% on time )